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We are glad that you found on our site.

We are a newly founded non-profit organization in 2010
of Punjabis and Germans and we live in Halle / Saale.

In Halle and surroundings are compared to other foreign Migratengruppen not as many 'Punjabis', but it comes together but already a significant number.

For those who do not know what 'Punjabis' are
so here are meant those Indians,
the 'Punjabi' or Germanized 'Punjabi'
one of the many Indian languages ​​to speak.

Of course there are the others in Pakistan,
larger part of the 1947 separate Punjab &
the inhabitants of this province speak 'Punjabi' &
some are also located here.

... Who is interested in a German or a member of another group of migrants for land & people of Punjab,
is very welcome.

You must come not only from Halle, no matter where,
In our interconnected time there are hardly any 'boundaries'.

We can also be connected via the Internet.


For further information & questions can be used the contact form.

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